Introductory Readings

Our annotated reading list contains a set of readings at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. For each reading, the reading guide includes a reference, a brief overview of the reading, plus student ratings of content, information complexity, interest, length, and overall “goodness of fit” for an undergraduate course. Download our Introductory Reading Guide to access these details!

Beginner Level Readings

Farnsworth, B. (2019). EEG (Electroencephalography): The Complete Pocket Guide.

Farnsworth, B. (2019). SHORT VERSION — EEG (Electroencephalography): The Complete Pocket Guide.

Luck, S. J. (2014). A closer look at ERPs and ERP components (pp 35-70). In: An introduction to the event-related potential technique. Cambridge, MA: MIT press. ISBN: 9780262525855.

Luck, S. J. (2012). Event-related potentials. In H. Cooper, P. M. Camic, D. L. Long, A. T. Panter, D. Rindskopf, & K. J. Sher (Eds.), APA handbooks in psychology®. APA handbook of research methods in psychology, Vol. 1. Foundations, planning, measures, and psychometrics (p. 523– 546). American Psychological Association. 

Otten, L. J., & Rugg, M. D. (2005). Interpreting event-related brain potentials. In T. C. Handy (Ed.), Event-related potentials: A methods handbook (pp. 3–16). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN: 9780262083331.


Intermediate Level Readings

Key, A. P. F., Dove, G. O., & Maguire, M. J. (2005). Linking brainwaves to the brain: an ERP primer. Developmental neuropsychology, 27(2), 183-215.

Woodman, G. F. (2010). A brief introduction to the use of event-related potentials in studies of perception and attention. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 72(8), 2031-2046.

Luck, S. J., & Gaspelin, N. (2017). How to get statistically significant effects in any ERP experiment (and why you shouldn’t). Psychophysiology, 54(1), 146-157. 

Advanced Level Readings

Handy, T. C. (2005). Basic principles of ERP quantification. In T.C. Handy (ed.), Event-related potentials: A methods handbook (pp. 33-55). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN:9780262083331.

Bressler S.L. (2002) Event-related potentials. In M.A. Arbib (ed.), The handbook of brain theory and neural networks (pp 412-415). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN:9780262011976.

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