Preparing Undergraduates for Research in STEM Using Electrophysiology

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Teaching Modules

Access Introductory and Full Semester Class Materials, ERP Analysis Labs, Sample ERP Datasets and more. For an in depth overview of the teaching materials, watch the presentation we gave at the Society for Psychophysiological Research.

Multimedia Tools

Our online learning resources include Animations, Interactive Simulations, and Video Tutorials that tackle complex concepts to help make cognitive electrophysiology more accessible to undergraduates and students of all educational levels.

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PURSUE is a collaborative initiative to facilitate undergraduate training in cognitive electrophysiology. Our website contains teaching modules and multimedia tools to guide educators in developing curricula for EEG/ERP courses and lab environments.

Thapar Anjali

“I have truly valued my interactions with the members of this group… It’s easy to say that the goal of a collaboration is to create a ‘community’ of scholars, and I wanted to thank you for not just saying these words but for creating spaces for us to engage and live up to the sentiment behind these words.”

— Dr. Anjali Thapar, Bryn Mawr College