The PURSUE project hosts workshops for curriculum design, course implementation training, and faculty learning community development.

During Phase 1 of the PURSUE initiative, the PIs and 6 faculty from diverse institutional backgrounds and research interests held workshops to discuss the design, development, implementation and assessment of the teaching materials. These in-person workshops established an atmosphere of trust and community while providing FLC faculty with professional and social support.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming workshops! 

If you are interested in becoming part of the PURSUE initiative and would like to be part of our material development and implementation, please sign up for updates!

  • June 2022
    PURSUE Workshop #5 was held at the University of Richmond with the founding FLC members. At this workshop, the PURSUE group reviewed the full course materials after an initial round of implementation. They were especially focused on looking at revisions of the materials through the lens of inclusive pedagogy before… Continue reading June 2022
  • July 2021
    PURSUE Workshop #4 will be held virtually with the founding FLC members. The goal is to conduct final revisions to the semester-long cognitive electrophysiology course. The first implementations of this course will be conducted in Spring 2022.
  • September 2019
    PURSUE Workshop #3 was held in Washington DC with the founding FLC members. During this workshop, founding FLC members provided final feedback to the Introductory Course Modules. The workshop also served to strengthen bonds within the FLC.
  • June 2019
    PURSUE Workshop #2 was held at the University of Richmond with the 3 PIs and 6 founding FLC members. Prior to the workshop, small groups developed subsets of the course modules. In this workshop the group reviewed the modules and provided feedback for revision. The outcome of this workshop was… Continue reading June 2019
  • June 2017
    PURSUE Workshop #1 brought together the founding FLC of 9 faculty (3 primary investigators plus 6 participating faculty from diverse institutions) at the University of Richmond. The group developed a 12-module structure for a semester-long cognitive electrophysiology course and discussed activities and essential course/learning outcomes. In addition to developing a… Continue reading June 2017