We’ve put together a list of external EEG training materials, lab equipment, software, data sets, and other resources. We’re always looking to grow our list of high quality resources, so if you don’t see it here, send us a link suggestion!

EEGLab Wiki

This site contains links to EEGlab software, documentation, and troubleshooting resources.

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ERP Info Resources

This page contains resources including ERP data analysis tutorials, links to slides from their two-week ERP Boot Camp, a list of open datasets in electrophysiology, and more.

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ERPlab Toolbox YouTube Channel

This youtube channel contains data preprocessing tutorials produced by the Luck lab.

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EEG Lab (UniMelb MSPS) YouTube Video

This video tutorial covers the basics of cap application.

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EEG: Visually evoked potentials (VEP) YouTube Video

This video covers the EEG averaging techniques used in PURSUE’s introductory materials.

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Pacer Lab Training Video

This youtube video contains the training on policies and procedures for Dr. Foti’s PACER lab at Purdue University West.

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ERP Core

The ERP CORE is a freely available online resource consisting of optimized paradigms, experiment control scripts, example data from 40 participants, data processing pipelines and analysis scripts, and a broad set of results for 7 different ERP components obtained from 6 different ERP paradigms:

  • N170 (Face Perception Paradigm)
  • MMN (Passive Auditory Oddball Paradigm)
  • N2pc (Simple Visual Search Paradigm)
  • N400 (Word Pair Judgement Paradigm)
  • P3b (Active Visual Oddball Paradigm)
  • LRP and ERN (Flankers Paradigm)

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Brain Vision

Brain Vision is the leading provider of best in class equipment and software for neurophysiological research, EEG, and bio-signals throughout North America.

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EEGLAB is an interactive Matlab toolbox for processing continuous and event-related EEG, MEG and other electrophysiological data incorporating independent component analysis (ICA), time/frequency analysis, artifact rejection, event-related statistics, and several useful modes of visualization of the averaged and single-trial data.

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ERPLAB Toolbox is a free, open-source Matlab package for analyzing ERP data. It is tightly integrated with EEGLAB Toolbox, extending EEGLAB’s capabilities to provide robust, industrial-strength tools for ERP processing, visualization, and analysis.

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Do you have a resource you think should be included in this list? We’d love to hear from you! Please include a link to the resource, a category (Hardware & Software, Data, Educational & Training Materials, Other), and a brief summary of the resource’s importance. Thanks for helping us keep our list up-to-date.