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Understanding EEG Signal Generation: From Neuron to Electrode

The generation of the EGG signal is often a difficult concept to understand.  Building on the original student-generated animation (v1.0), we created new, shorter, revised animations (v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, 2-3 min each). 

These new animations were also student-generated: students conducted research, created scripts, made story-boards, and generated the animations.  The animations went through several cycles of revisions which incorporated  comments and suggestions from undergraduate students and faculty.

Animations v2.1, v2.2, and v2.3


Understanding EEG Part 1: Understanding Potentials


Understanding EEG Part 2: Formation of a Dipole


Understanding EEG Part 3: Sensing Dipoles

Animation v1.0


The Neural Underpinnings of Electrophysiological Recordings

EEG Data Visualization

EEG/ERP data is often represented in different types of figure.  How that information is conveyed in different types of figures is often a confusing.  This student-generated animation (v1.0, 5 1/2 min) demonstrates how different aspects of the same EEG/ERP data is represented in different types of figures and how they relate to each other.


Event Related Potential (ERP) Data Visualization